• Cam


Shoot first and ask questions later. This was my go-to thought process as we began to set up the business back in June. The ever-prominent statement "Patience is a virtue" evaded us. Starting a business is an intense risk/reward situation, and Haley and I felt that we could not spare one second to get our chocolate on the market. Every detail was hammered out in a brisk fashion without much deliberation. We had no time to waste.

But now, eight months after starting our journey, waiting has become our number one priority. Waiting on flavor development, registration, licensing, and the finalization of our packaging. The time for us to produce a batch of chocolate has tripled over the past two months as we continually update and clarify our recipes. We are doing much more brainstorming now for upcoming decisions, instead of simply making important decisions as soon as we become aware of them.

Waiting for our product launch has afforded us time to enjoy the break from our university and also to map out how we are going to continue nurturing Honey Moon Chocolates. This time has allowed us the opportunity to slow down our process and refine every action we take. For example, instead of jumping into packaging production (for the second time), we paused and deliberated, weighing every option. And we are happy to announce that this go-around will feature 100% biodegradable packaging (including dissolvable labels and an inner soy wax paper wrapper!).

I am humbled by the fact that we will always improve our processes as a company, and Honey Moon Chocolates will only benefit as we move forward. We know that our chocolate is amazing in and of itself, being sweetened by honey isn't it's only virtue- patience is too.